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How Much is my Compensation Claim Worth?


If your compensation claim is successful, i.e you have proven that someone else was responsible for your accident and resulting injuries, this means that you will be entitled to a monetary award of compensation. You may be wondering “how much is my compensation claim worth?”

It is difficult to estimate the amount of personal injury compensation you will be entitled to as every case is unique. Your compensation award will be split into general damages and special damages. Your special damages and general damages will be added together to find the total amount your compensation claim is worth.

General Damages

General damages refer to the amount you will receive for your injury, i.e., your pain, suffering and loss of amenity. The figure is based on the type of injury sustained, the recovery time, and the severity and the impact that the injury has had on your life or will continue to have on your future.

Our valuation of your general damages will be based on recent case law, as well as guidelines set out by the Judicial College. These guidelines are used by all personal injury lawyers to assist in making a personal injury claim calculation. We will discuss our valuation of your injuries when we have obtained all the required medical evidence, before we make any attempts to settle you case with the Defendant.

Special Damages

Special damages refer to any additional financial losses you sustained as a direct result of the accident. Your additional losses can include the following:

  • Loss of earnings if you required time off due to the accident.
  • Travel costs – for travel to and from medical appointments
  • Parking costs at medical appointments
  • Costs of any care received
  • Medical treatment costs and the costs of any medical care required as the result of the accident

You should ensure that you keep all receipts and invoices for your additional losses as these will be required to prove your loss.

How Much is my Compensation Claim Worth? JC Guidelines

If you are asking the question “how much is my compensation claim worth?,” the Judicial College Guidelines will give you an idea on how much you may be entitled to recover for your injuries. Most personal injury Solicitors will use these guidelines alongside recent case law to base their accident claims compensation calculations on.

Calculating a valuation for personal injuries can be complex, especially if there are multiple injuries involved.

The guidelines below should give you some idea on how much your injuries could be worth; however, it is worth noting that a new edition of the JC Guidelines will be published in April 2024:

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Head, Brain and Senses Injuries

  • Brain Damage: From £12,210 to £322,060
  • Deafness or tinnitus: Up to £36,310
  • Epilepsy: From £8,480 to £119,650
  • Facial Injuries: From £870 to £36,310 depending on the type of injury
  • Changes to taste and smell: From 15,300 to £31,220
  • Eye and sight injuries: From £1,760 to £322,060
  • PTSD: From £3,150 to £80,250
  • Psychiatric Illnesses: From £1,220 to £92,240

Neck and Back Injuries

  • Back Injury: Up to 128,320
  • Neck Injury: Up to £118,240
  • Whiplash: From £300 to £6,290

Shoulder Injuries

  • Shoulder Injuries: Up to £38,280

Arm Injuries

  • Arm amputation: From £76,650 to £239,140
  • Hand Injury: Up to £160,600
  • Elbow Injury: Up to £43,710
  • Fractures and nerve damage to the arms: From £5,280 to £104,370
  • Hand arm vibration syndrome and vibration white finger: From £2,390 to £25,220
  • Upper limb disorders caused by work: From £1,760 to £18,440
  • Wrist Injuries: Up to £47,720

Pelvic and Hip Injuries

  • Injuries to the hips and pelvis: Up to £104,370 depending on the seriousness of the injury

Leg and Feet Injuries

  • Injuries to the Achilles tendon: From £5,800 to £30,630 depending on the severity of the injury
  • Ankle Injuries: Up to £55,560
  • Foot Injuries: Up to £160,600, more serious injuries, such as amputation of both feet will be at the higher end of the spectrum.
  • Knee Injuries: Up to £76,690 for the most severe knee injuries. Those which recover completely or have minimal long term symptoms will be worth up to £10,960
  • Leg Injuries: Up to £224,800 for severe injuries, such as amputation of both legs. Less severe injuries such as fractures or soft tissue injuries leaving no permanent issues will be worth up to £11,220
  • Toe Injuries: Up to £7,650 for toe injuries leaving no long term problems. Serious injuries and loss of toes will be worth between £7,650 and £44,710

Minor Injuries

  • Most minor injuries will be worth between £550 and £1,950. A minor injury is one which is fully recovered from within three months of the accident date.

Chronic Pain

  • Chronic pain disorders, such as complex regional pain syndrome will be valued between £16,800 and £66,970.


  • Injuries involving paralysis may be valued between £39,330 and £322,060

Internal Organ Injuries

  • Digestive System Injuries: Between £730 for minor symptoms and £49,350 for severe damage to the digestive system and toxicosis.
  • Kidney injuries: Up to £167,690. the injuries calculation for more severe damage or loss of both kidneys will be at the higher end of the spectrum.
  • Bladder injuries: Up to £146,840
  • Chest Injuries: Up to £119,650 for the most serious injuries to the chest, such as severe heart or lung damage. Muscle injuries and fractured ribs will be worth up to £3,150. Injuries from the inhalation of smoke or toxic fumes will be worth between £4,240 and £10,040
  • Spleen Injuries: Between £3,470 and £20,950
  • Lung diseases: Between £1,760 and £108,370
  • Hernia Injuries: Between £2,710 and £19,260
  • Female reproductive organs: Between £2,700 and£135,030
  • Male reproductive organs: Between £5,280 and £112,100
  • Disease caused by asbestos: Between £12,020 and £100,350
  • Asthma: Up to £52,390

Other Injuries

  • Scarring and burns: From £1,890 to £83,550

How Much is My Compensation Claim Worth After Fee Deductions?

We offer our services and legal advice for making a claim on a no win, no fee basis. This means that if you lose your case, you will not be required to pay anything.

A no win, no fee agreement is used as a way of funding a case where the accident victim does not have the means to pay the costs involved as the case progresses. When acting under this type of agreement, Solicitors will require that their Clients sign a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) which means that they agree to pay fees, but only if the claim is successful.

If your claim is successful, you may ask the question “how much is my compensation claim worth after paying legal costs and fees?”

Those who are successful in making a personal injury claim will be required to pay our legal fees from their compensation at the end of the case. These deductions will include a success fee, capped at 25% of your compensation, and the cost of the ATE insurance premium. At the start of your case, the ATE Insurance policy may have been taken out on your behalf by your Solicitor to protect you from having to pay the Defendant’s costs and disbursements if your case is unsuccessful. This should also be explained within the Conditional Fee Agreement.

Most Claimants will opt to instruct a firm of no win, no fee solicitors to act on their behalf so that they do not have to pay any legal fees upfront. They may also be worried about being left out of pocket if their claim is unsuccessful. When making a no win, no fee claim, you will have peace of mind in the knowledge that you will not be required to pay any legal costs if your claim is unsuccessful.

Why Choose Beacon Law?

Beacon Law are a leading firm of personal injury Solicitors offering a range of personal injury claim services to our clients nationwide. We provide a high level of service to all our clients and work hard to ensure they receive the appropriate treatment and highest level of compensation for their injuries.

We work closely with all clients, following their instructions whilst providing specialist legal advice on each case. We aim to support all our clients throughout a time which is already difficult, and provide the best case management possible throughout all legal proceedings.

The legal matters which we deal with on a no win, no fee basis, include, but are not limited to, the following:

If you have sustained an injury in any type of accident as a result of someone else’s negligence, you may be able to make a claim for compensation. Get in touch today to find out of we can help.

If you choose to make a claim with Beacon Law, we will work hard to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

If you require advice on a potential case or advice on starting your claim, please contact us on 0330 1332 857. Alternatively, please complete our online form, and a Personal Injury expert will contact you to discuss your potential case.

Beacon Law are a Solicitors registered in England and Wales with our registered office based in Manchester. We are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

How much is my compensation claim worth: FAQs


What factors influence the amount of compensation I can claim for my injuries?

The amount of compensation you can claim for personal injuries is influenced by several factors, including the severity and type of your injuries, the impact on your quality of life, any financial losses incurred, and future care or medical treatment needs.

Can I claim compensation for emotional distress?

Yes, compensation for emotional distress falls under general damages for pain, suffering, and loss of amenity. If you’ve experienced emotional or psychological harm as a result of your injury, this can be factored into your compensation claim.

How long does it take to receive compensation after a claim is settled?

The time frame for receiving compensation after a claim has been settled can vary widely depending on the complexity of the case, the responsiveness of the involved parties, and the processing times of the payment. Your solicitor can provide a more specific estimate based on the circumstances of your case.

What happens if my injury worsens after settling the compensation claim?

Once a compensation claim is settled, it’s generally considered final, meaning you cannot claim further compensation for that injury if it worsens. It’s crucial to accurately assess the long-term impact of your injury before settling your claim. In some cases, a provisional damages award might be sought for injuries that have a chance of significant deterioration.

Can I claim compensation on behalf of someone else?

Yes, you can claim compensation on behalf of someone else if they are unable to do so themselves due to their age (a minor) or if they lack the mental capacity to manage their own affairs. In such cases, the claimant would act as a ‘litigation friend’ during the legal proceedings.

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