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How Much Compensation Do You Get for a Broken Wrist?


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The wrists are only a small part of the body, but we use our wrists all the time. Suffering a broken wrist can be very debilitating and can lead to serious implications in your personal and professional life.

Suffering a broken wrist can make simple day to day activities very difficult. A wrist injury can affect your ability to carry out simple tasks that you take for granted, such as eating, drinking, getting dressed and even carrying out simple work duties. Not being able to use your wrists at work means that you may need to take time off work to recover.

If you have suffered a wrist injury or sustained a wrist fracture in an accident that wasn’t your fault, then you could be entitled to make a personal injury claim. If you are considering making a claim, you may also be wondering “how much compensation do you get for a broken wrist?”

Common Accidents That Lead to Wrist Fractures:

At Beacon Law, we have dealt with numerous cases of wrist injury compensation claims. In our experience, some of the most common accidents that can lead to wrist fractures include:

  • Road traffic accidents: Many road traffic accidents, including car accidents, pedestrian accidents and cyclist accidents, can lead to wrist injuries. If you have sustained a wrist injury such as a fractured wrist from a road traffic accident you could be entitled to compensation. You can find out more about making a claim for a road traffic accident by checking out our Road Traffic Accidents page.

  • Accidents at work: Your employer has a duty of care to ensure that your workplace is as safe as possible. Your employer must provide the correct training and make sure protection measures are put in place to protect you against accidents at work. However, sometimes accidents at work do happen. If the correct training or protection measures weren’t in place and you suffered a broken wrist at work, or any other type of wrist injury, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive strain injuries, then you could be eligible to make a claim against your employer.  Your compensation claim will be made against your employer’s Employers’ Liability Insurance, which is compulsory for all employers.

  • Slips, trips and falls in public places: People slip, trip and fall in public places every day, and while it may be embarrassing, many falling accidents have severe consequences and can lead to serious injuries such as broken bones. In most cases, these accidents could have been avoided if safety procedures and regulations were followed correctly. If you have broken your wrist in an accident in a public place, then you may be able to make a claim for compensation. Check out our article on Claiming for an Accident in a Public Place to find out more information.

  • Sports accidents: Many accidents that happen at sporting events can lead to serious injuries. You may have been involved in an inappropriate tackle, which caused you to fall over and break your wrist, or you may have even sustained an injury because of faulty equipment or badly maintained fields or courts. You may be entitled to claim for compensation if you sustained a broken wrist during a sporting activity. Check out our Sports Injury Claims For Compensation article for more information.

If you have broken your wrist in an accident that is not listed above, you may still be able to make a claim for compensation. Contact us today to speak to one of our specialist personal injury lawyers.

How Much Compensation Do You Get for a Broken Wrist?

If you are thinking about making a claim for a broken wrist, you may be wondering, “how much compensation do you get for a broken wrist?”

It’s not possible to determine the exact amount of compensation you will receive for your broken wrist, as each case is unique. Compensation for wrist injuries is calculated on a case by case basis because wrist injuries can range in severity from soft tissue injuries to multiple wrist fractures with permanent damage.

There are many compensation calculators online that may give you an indication of the amount of compensation you could receive for a broken wrist, however, the amount stated when using these calculators is not always accurate and cannot be guaranteed.

At Beacon Law, we will calculate your wrist injury claim according to Judicial College Guidelines and recent case law.

The amount of compensation you could receive for your wrist injury depends on the severity of the injury and the length of time it took to make a full recovery.

Below are guidelines of how much your wrist injury claim could be worth:

  • Wrist fracture that heals within 1 year: £2,810 – £3,790
  • Colles fracture: around £5,920
  • Wrist injury that heals completely within 2 years: up to £8,160
  • Wrist injury that causes permanent pain and stiffness: £10,040 – £19,530
  • Serious wrist injury that causes permanent problems: £19,530 – £31,220
  • Severe wrist injury that causes loss of function of the wrist: £37,960 – £47,720

How Can Beacon Law Assist?

Beacon Law is a law firm that specialises in personal injury claims. Our team of highly experienced personal injury solicitors and legal professionals have processed large numbers of successful claims for personal injuries, including broken wrists.

Beacon Law can assist you in making a compensation claim for your broken wrist on a no win, no fee basis, which means that you won’t have to pay any of our fees if your case is unsuccessful. We are experts on no win, no fee claims, and we are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

If you have suffered a broken wrist following an accident or as a result of someone else’s negligence, then call us today on 0330 1332 857 to get free legal advice from a friendly solicitor, and they will let you know if they can process a claim for you.

If you decide to make a claim with Beacon Law, our highly professional personal injury solicitors will work hard to ensure that you receive appropriate treatment and the highest level of compensation for your broken wrist.

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