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Injuries to your arm can cause some serious disruptions to your day to day life. You may find it difficult to accomplish simple daily tasks that you could before, and you may even need to take an extended period of time off work to recover from your arm injury.

If you have suffered an arm injury as a result of an accident that was not your fault, you may be entitled to make a personal injury claim for compensation.

The compensation that you receive may not relieve the pain that you have been put through, but it could help you to get your life back on track. Our specially trained legal advisors can help to provide the legal guidance that you need throughout your claim on a no win no fee basis.

Common accidents that can lead to arm injury claims

At Beacon Law, we have dealt with a variety of arm injury cases as they are one of the most common personal injury claims. In our experience, some of the most common accidents we deal with that can lead to arm injury claims include the following:

  • Road traffic accidents – Many road traffic accidents, including car accidents, cyclist accidents, and pedestrian accidents, can lead to serious arm injuries, especially elbow injuries and wrist injuries. 

  • Accidents at work – Your employer has a duty of care to ensure that your workplace is as safe as possible. However, sometimes accidents at workdo happen and you can slip, trip or fall in the workplace and sustain a serious arm injury. If the correct training and protection measures were not in place and you sustained an injury at work, you could make a compensation claim against your employer. 

  • Accidents in public places – People slip, trip and fall in public placesevery day, with many of these accidents having severe consequences that lead to serious injuries. In most cases, these accidents could have been completely avoided if safety procedures and regulations had been followed correctly. If you have injured your arm in an accident in a public place due to negligence, then you may be able to make a claim for compensation.

  • Sports accidents – Many accidents that occur at sporting events can lead to serious injuries. You may have been involved in an inappropriate tackle, which caused you to fall over and injure your arm or wrist, or you may have even sustained an injury because of poorly maintained fields or courts or faulty equipment.

Find out more information about claiming compensation for an arm injury in a sports accident by looking at our Sports Injury Claims For Compensation page.

If you have injured your arm in an accident that was not listed above, you may still be able to make a claim for compensation. Contact us today to speak to one of our specialist personal injury lawyers.

How much can I claim for my arm injury?

The compensation award for a personal injury claim is split into two sections: general damages and special damages. These sections will then be added together to give you a total value of your arm injury compensation claim.

General damages – General damages refer to the compensation you will receive for your pain, suffering and loss of amenity. ‘Loss of amenity’ is the legal term that refers to the impact that your injury or accident has had on your enjoyment and quality of life. The amount of general damages compensation that you will receive will depend on the type and severity of the injury you sustained, your recovery time, and the impact your injury has had on your day-to-day life. 

Special damages – Special damages refer to the financial losses that were incurred as a direct result of your accident. Some examples of special damages include:

  • Travel and transportation costs – this can be for travelling to and from medical appointments. This could be by car, taxi or public transport.
  • Medical costs – this can include medical expenses, such as medication and consultation fees. It can also include any costs for long term treatment, such as physiotherapy.
  • Loss of earnings – you could be able to claim for loss of income compensation if your injury forced you to take long periods of time off work and you struggled financially as a result.

It is very important to keep all invoices and receipts for your special damages, as they could be required to prove your financial loss. Witness statements, CCTV footage and medical reports may also be used as evidence in court.

Calculating the value of your claim

In order to calculate your arm injury claim, will we use Judicial College Guidelines and recent case law. To determine how much compensation you could potentially receive for your arm injury, we will take into account the type of arm injury you have sustained, the severity of your injury and how long it took for you to make a full recovery from your injury.

According to Judicial College Guidelines, compensation amounts for an arm injury can range from £5,280 to £104,370, depending on the severity of the injury:

  • Simple forearm fracture with good recovery: £5,290 – £15,300
  • Serious or multiple fractures to the forearm with a longer recovery period: £15,300 – £31,200
  • Serious forearm fractures that lead to permanent damage: £76,650 – £104,370

What are the time limits for making arm injury claims?

As with all personal injury claims for compensation, there are strict time limits that must be taken note of. In most cases, an injured party will have 3 years in which they must commence proceedings for claiming compensation.

However, there are some exceptions to this three-year rule, which include the following:

  • If the claimant was under the age of 18 at the time of the accident, they do not need to abide by the 3-year rule and can have up until their 21st birthday to make a claim for their arm injury compensation. Though up until the claimant is 18, a family member or guardian can make a claim for them on their behalf.
  • The 3-year rule is also not applicable if the claimant lacks the mental capacity to bring a claim for their arm injury. However, a loved one may be able to make a claim on their behalf.
  • If the accident in question was fatal and where an arm injury led to death of the victim, a close family member or friend may claim on a no win no fee basis for their grief, loss and pain. The family will then have 3 years from the date of death to make a compensation claim.
  • If the arm injury was a result of a violent crime or attack, then the victim must make a claim for compensation within 2 years.

How can Beacon Law assist with arm injury claims?

Beacon Law is a Manchester-based law firm that specialises in personal injury claims; however we provide assistance to claimants throughout England and Wales. Our team of professional personal injury solicitors and legal professionals have vast experience in personal injuries, including injured arms.

Beacon Law can assist you in making a compensation claim for your injured arm on a no-win, no-fee basis, meaning that you will not have to pay any of our fees if your case is unsuccessful.

Our team of experts can provide you with guidance through the legal process of making your personal injury claim, and they will provide you with any further legal advice you may require.

If you have injured your arm following an accident or as a result of someone else’s negligence, then contact Beacon Law today by calling 0330 1332 857 or complete the contact form at the top of the page to request a callback.

We are registered in England and wales and we are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. 

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