Accidents Whilst Playing or Watching Sports

Sport is a very big part of our lives.  Many people play or watch sport every day, as it helps us keep fit and it is usually very enjoyable to take part in.  However, it is not unusual for sporting participants to suffer injuries from time to time.

Whilst the rules of some sports dictate that the activity is a contact sport and that consequently injuries are sometimes inevitable, but simply an accident, there are other occasions when an injury can be caused by someone elses negligence.

We would invite you to discuss your individual case with us and we will advise you whether we think it has the merits to be a successful personal injury claim.  Each and every case will be assessed on its own facts, and whilst some cases would not be successful, such as those where you slip or trip as a result of nobody elses negligence, there are always other cases which involve faulty sporting equipment, or uneven playing surfaces which could lead to a successful claim.

Whilst the playing of contact sports, such as football and rugby, do present risks, you would be unable to bring a claim if you had been injured as a result of a legal tackle.  Tackles can cause serious injury, and all players owe the other participants a duty of care to play reasonably in all circumstances.  In the event you were injured because of reckless play or an illegal tackle, then you may be able to bring a claim.

If you’ve suffered an injury through the playing of sport or whilst spectating, then you may have a claim for personal injuries and we would invite you to contact us today to discuss your claim.  Please call us free on 08000 886644 or complete our claim form and we’ll call you back.