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How Long After an Accident at Work Can You Claim?


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How long after an accident at work can you claim?

Accidents in the workplace are a common occurrence in certain sectors, and many of these accidents could have been avoided by employers implementing the correct measures and procedures to minimise the risk of an accident at work from taking place.

Navigating the aftermath of a workplace accident can be daunting, especially when considering the potential physical, emotional, and financial toll it may cause. Understanding the timelines and procedures for filing a claim is essential for securing necessary compensation and support.

If you have been involved in an accident at work that was not your fault and have been left wondering, ‘how long after an accident at work can you claim?’, our personal injury solicitors can provide the guidance and assistance that you need to claim the compensation you deserve.

Common types of accidents at work

The types of accidents that can lead to work accident claims may depend on the specific circumstances of each incident, but the majority of accidents at work that result in work accident claims include:

Slips, trips, and falls:

These accidents can result in a range of injuries, such as broken bones, head injuries, and sprains, and can lead to work accident claims if they were caused by a hazard that was not properly addressed by the employer.

Manual handling injuries:

This includes injuries caused by lifting, carrying, or moving heavy objects, and can result in back injuries or other types of musculoskeletal disorders.

Industrial machinery accidents:

These types of accidents can result in serious injuries, such as amputations, and can be caused by a lack of training, poor maintenance, or inadequate safety measures.


Work-related road traffic accidents:

These can occur when employees are required to drive for extended periods of time, such as making deliveries, and can result in injuries to the employee or other drivers or passengers.

Construction site accidents:

This includes accidents on construction sites, such as falls from scaffolding, being struck by falling objects, or accidents involving heavy machinery.

If you have been injured in an accident at work, you may be entitled to make a claim. It is important to seek legal advice from a qualified work accident lawyer. They can help you understand your rights and the compensation you may be entitled to.

What to do after an accident at work

There are a number of steps you should take following an accident at work, with the most important being seeking medical attention for your injuries. If you have been injured in an accident at work, you may be entitled to claim compensation.

Report the accident to your employer:

You should report the accident to your employer as soon as possible. This should be done in writing and should include all the details of the accident, as well as the names and contact details of any witnesses. Your employer should have an accident book available to record details of any accidents at work.


Seek medical attention:

You should seek medical attention for your injuries as soon as possible. Make sure to keep a record of all medical treatment you receive, including any medication you take and any medical bills you incur.


Gather evidence:

It is important to gather as much evidence as possible to support your claim. This may include photographs of the accident scene, witness statements, and any other documentation that may be relevant to your case.


Contact an accident at work solicitor:

If you are interested in making a claim, contact accident at work lawyers, such as Beacon Law. We can provide you with expert advice and represent you in court proceedings.

How long after an accident at work can you claim?

In the UK, the personal injury claims time limit for accident at work claims is typically three years from the date of the incident.

It is important to note that while you have a three year time limit to initiate legal proceedings, it is generally advisable to start the claims process as soon as possible after the accident. Prompt action allows for timely investigation, documentation, and gathering of evidence while details are fresh, and witnesses are available.

Moreover, delaying the filing of a claim can potentially weaken your case and make it more challenging to establish liability and demonstrate the extent of your injuries.

If you are considering filing a claim for an accident at work in the UK, it is recommended to seek legal advice from a solicitor specialising in personal injury law. They can provide guidance on the specific limitation periods and procedures involved in making a claim and help you navigate the process effectively within the applicable timeframe.

No Win, No Fee accident claims

We offer all claims on a no win, no fee basis. These claims allow our accident at work solicitors  to proceed with your claim with no up-front costs to be paid. Throughout the personal injury compensation claim process, there will be no hidden charges or payments required from the injured person.

This type of agreement helps the injured party focus on recovering from their injuries without stressing about the financial risks.

If your claim is successful, you will only be required to pay a small amount from your final damages to your accident at work lawyer for their success. These costs will be calculated as a percentage and will be discussed with you before legal proceedings start. This payment is to compensate your solicitor for the time and work put into assisting on your case.

You may also be required to pay a small fee for ATE insurance from your compensation award if your case is successful. This will all be explained to you by your solicitor before you agree to start your personal injury claim.

If your case is unsuccessful, unfortunately, you will not receive any accident at work compensation; however, you will not be required to pay us a penny.

Why choose Beacon Law?

At Beacon Law, our law firm provides a team of highly experienced solicitors and legal professionals. We provide a high level of service to all our clients and work hard to ensure you make a successful claim and receive the highest level of injury at work compensation for your accident.

Beacon Law is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. To find out about our no win, no fee funding, have a look at the funding section on our website.

If you have been left thinking, ‘how long after an accident at work can you claim?’, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your claim with you without any obligations.

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