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Fatal Injuries at Work: Claiming Compensation

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Fatal Injuries at Work


Injuries happen in the workplace every day, but most people will recover from their injuries after a period of rest or following medical intervention. The workplace can be a dangerous place with many hazards that can cause both minor and fatal injuries. Over the years, work environments have become much safer, as health and safety laws have improved. However, rules and regulations are not always followed as closely as they should be, leading to a vast number of fatal injuries. In many cases, a fatal injury will be caused by an employer’s negligence, or lack of adequate training and safety procedures.

Compensation may be the last thing on your mind following the loss of a loved one; however, you have a right to seek compensation if someone else was to blame for their death. If you have lost a loved one due to an accident at work, you may be able to make a claim for fatal injuries at work compensation.

Common Accidents that Lead to Fatal Injuries At Work


Unfortunately, fatal injuries still happen at work. Your employer must ensure that all employees work in a safe environment, work correctly, and are provided with the right training and equipment to carry out their duties safely. Fatal injuries at work can be caused by a number of different accidents, some of which are discussed below:

Falls and Falls from Height: One of the most common types of accident at work that can lead to fatal injuries are those that arise from slips and falls. Falling from heights are also common and may lead to fatal injuries. These types of accidents can cause severe head and brain injuries or may injure internal organs, which can lead to internal bleeding, and can potentially lead to loss of life.

Agricultural accidents, factory accidents, and building site accidents can all lead to fatal accidents in the workplace.

Improper use of dangerous machinery, such as centrifugal pumps can lead to fatalities if staff are not trained to use them properly.

Employers need to prepare and provide their employees with adequate personal protective equipment to ensure they can carry out their tasks safely.

If your employer fails to take adequate steps to ensure safety at work, and a loved one loses their life as a result, you have a right to make a claim.

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