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Construction Accident Claims for Compensation

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Construction accidents and injuries occurring on a building site are one of the most common accident at work claims. If you have suffered an injury whilst working in construction, you may be eligible to make a personal injury claim.

As construction sites have many hazards, there is a relatively high risk posed to construction workers of suffering an accident at work. Some of the dangers that construction workers are faced with include the use of power tools with a lack of personal protective equipment, faulty work equipment, falling debris, and falls from scaffolding or ladders.

Such hazards could result in long term brain injuries or even turn out to be fatal accidents. Therefore, it is essential that your employer or the construction company that you work for prioritises your health and safety by providing you with a safe work environment and suitable personal protective equipment.

 If your employer fails to ensure your safety whilst on the building site, and you suffer injury as a result of their negligence, you may be eligible to make a personal injury claim for compensation with one of our experienced solicitors at Beacon Law.


What is the claims process for construction accidents?


Our experienced personal injury solicitors will support you through every stage of your accident at work claim. Your claim will begin with an initial consultation when your solicitor asks you for details of the building site accident, including the time, date, and circumstances surrounding the incident and details of the injuries sustained.

Provided you are happy to proceed with your personal injury claim; we will provide you with some paperwork to fill out regarding your claim. After this, we will contact the construction company you are employed by, notifying them of your construction site accident claim. If your employer accepts liability for the injuries you sustained on the building site, negotiations for a settlement fee will commence. If your employer denies liability, court proceedings will follow.


Can I make a claim if I am self-employed?


Construction workers are often self-employed, meaning that they are unable to claim compensation from their employer for construction injuries arising from the employer’s negligence. In recent years, however, the law has progressed to allow more workers in the construction industry to be classed as employed in certain circumstances.

For the purposes of making a personal injury claim for compensation, you may be classed as being ‘employed’ if the construction company you work for controls or manages the work that you do or if they provide the work equipment that you use. In this circumstance, if the injuries you have sustained were caused by the negligence of your employer or contractor, you will be able to make a personal injury claim for their negligence in their failure to protect and prioritise your health and safety on the construction site.


How much does making a claim for compensation cost?


At Beacon Law, we use a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) – a type of ‘no win, no fee’ agreement. Therefore, if your claim for compensation is unsuccessful, you will not be expected to pay any legal fees. If you win your personal injury claim, an agreed percentage of the damages awarded will be taken as a success fee, which, at our law firm, is limited to 25%.


How much compensation can you receive for construction accidents? 

The compensation value that you could be awarded will differ depending on the type of injury sustained and the level of pain and suffering that this has caused. As well as claiming general damages – for the pain, suffering, and loss of amenity caused by your injuries, you will also be entitled to claim special damages – for financial losses arising from your injuries.

This may include loss of earnings due to time spent off work, the cost of medical care and medical treatment, and the cost of travelling to medical appointments. It is important that you keep evidence of the financial costs incurred as a result of your injury; this could include receipts and invoices.


How Beacon Law can assist with construction accidents?


If you have suffered injury on a building site, contact us to discuss your personal injury claim with one of our expert personal injury solicitors. Due to our association with medical professionals, we are able to provide you with private physiotherapy and rehabilitative treatment to assist you in your recovery. We understand that the process of making a personal injury claim can be difficult, so we will be there to guide you every step of the way.

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