Building Site Accidents

Building sites are one of the most notoriously dangerous environments in which to work.  The construction industry has a horrendous reputation for safety issues, and injuries on building sites are an everyday occurrence.  Employers have a duty to protect employees from getting injured on building sites.  The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (2007) are designed to protect employees from getting injured in such construction environments.

Obvious hazards on a construction site can include the failure to maintain the cleanliness of the building site, being struck by falling debris, falling into unguarded holes or trenches, the collapse of tunnels or other excavations, lack of personal protective equipment, faulty machinery, falls from scaffolding ladders and cranes, failure to properly plan the job, and cutting corners at the expense of safety.

Does it matter if i’m employed or self-employed?

Quite often, construction workers are self-employed.  However, you could still be classed as employed for the purposes of making a claim if the company you work for controls or directs the work you are doing, or provides you with the equipment you need to do the job.

Therefore, if you are classed as self-employed, for the purposes of tax, you may still be able to make a claim.  The law surrounding accident at work claims has progressed to allow tradesman to be considered as employed in certain circumstances.  It is therefore essential that we are able to argue that you are employed as opposed to self-employed.  If we can establish this as a fact, we are able to bring a claim against your employer or other contractor for a breach of your health and safety rights.

Been injured on a building site?

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