Manual Handling Accidents

Your employer should avoid the need for any manual handling at work.  Where manual handling is required, your employer is under a duty to take steps to minimise the risk.  Manual handling regulations seek to prevent injury where human effort is needed to lift, move, steady, or position a load in the workplace.  Your employer is obligated to carry out a thorough risk assessment to establish whether there are any risks of injury as a result of manual handling in the workplace.  If risks exist, your employer must put plans into place which will help eradicate or greatly diminish the risk of injury.

Manual Handling Experiences

Has your employer asked you to lift things in the workplace which were too heavy for you?  Have you sustained an injury as a result of not being provided with the appropriate equipment to lift heavy weights.  Should you have been provided with a trolley or hoist to assist you with lifting heavy items?  Have your employers provided you with training on how to lift heavy weights?  Have your employers followed the strict health and safety guidelines on lifting?

If you answer “no” to one of the above questions, then you have the basis of a claim for compensation.  If you have suffered an injury as a result of your employer’s failure to comply with manual handling regulations, then please contact us on free phone 08000 886644 or complete our claim form and we shall call you back.