Falls From Height

The Work at Height Regulations (2005) state that an employer must avoid the need for an employee to work at height.  Essentially, an employer should avoid the risk of working at height if the job can be done without the employee working at height.  You may ask, is this not common sense?  You are correct, but many employers do not consider the job properly, and simple, but more safe solutions can be overlooked.  It is usually the case that the employer does not know the law, and where they do, they invariably choose to ignore it.

Where you are unable to perform a job without working at height, your employer should provide you with the correct equipment and then properly plan and supervise the work at height.  It is important that your employer implement suitable and adequate measures to prevent you from falling.  If you do fall, your employer must demonstrate and evidence the risk assessment, and the measures taken to ensure safety.  Regular supervision, inspection, training, use of the correct equipment, and planning must be undertaken.

Falls from height are one of the biggest causes of serious injury or death in the workplace.  Some examples of work at height accidents are:

  • Using step ladders, when a ladder is not appropriate for the job.
  • Using ladders in an inappropriate manner, or where they are not properly footed.
  • Using ladders at a too steep or too shallow angle.
  • Using scaffolding which has not been erected properly.

Serious Injuries

Some of the worst injuries are caused by falling from height.  Head injuries can be caused when striking the head on the ground.  Hand and wrist fractures when hands are impulsively extended to break the fall.  Foot, ankle, and leg fractures when the legs hit the ground.  Serious spinal cord injuries resulting in paraplegia or tetraplegia.  It is also not unusual for falls from height to cause fatalities.

Do I Have a Claim?

It is apparent that many employers do not consider jobs that require working at height properly.  Quite often risk assessments are not done, and the proper planning and supervision is not undertaken.  If you have suffered an injury due to a lack of care on your employer’s behalf, and you have sustained an injury as a result of a fall from height, then please contact us today.  Call us free on 08000 886644 or complete our online claim form and we shall call you back.