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Accidents at work are very common and many of these accidents could have been avoided by employers implementing the correct preventative measures and procedures to minimise the risk of an accident at work from taking place. If you have sustained an injury at work as a result of an accident that was not your fault, then you may be able to make a “no win, no fee” personal injury claim against your employer. 

Your employer is obligated by law to provide safe work conditions and a healthy environment in which you can work. 

Your employer must always provide appropriate training and where necessary, the correct and suitable equipment to help you perform your duties safely. Your employer is also under a duty to properly maintain the work environment and the equipment you use to ensure that it remains safe at all times. Health and safety laws and legislation have significantly increased the level of protection available to employees, with guidance provided here.


Common Types of Accident at Work


Many different types of accidents can happen at work, but not everybody is aware as to the significant repercussions this can often have (having to take leave from work, loss of earnings or, in more serious cases, an inability to continue working), until they are involved in an accident themselves. 

Common types of accidents at work include: 

There is a three-year time limit for all personal injury claims if regrettably, an injury occurred at your workplace. The time limit will start from the date of the accident or from the date you became aware that your injury was caused by an accident at work (for instance repetitive strain injuries).

How Much Compensation For An Accident At Work Claim?

The compensation awarded to you for your injuries will be dependent on the type of injury and the level of pain and suffering you sustained. It is difficult to value a claim without knowing all the details of the injury and any long-term impact it may have had on you. Your compensation will therefore be calculated through quantification of general damages (for specific injuries) and special damages (for losses suffered as a result).

How To Make a Claim For An Accident At Work, Aldershot

If you have been injured due to an accident and wish to make a claim for compensation, you should get in touch with a law firm (regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority) with experience in handling Employer’s Liability claims. Beacon Law specialise in handling Personal Injury claims, with particular expertise in areas of Employer’s Liability and Public Liability claims.

The process for making a claim with Beacon Law for an accident at work, Aldershot, will involve:

  • A free consultation phone call with an experienced Personal Injury Solicitor: We will need you to provide your employers details, the circumstances, time and date of the accident, the nature of your injuries, and details on whether the accident was reported, or if there were any witnesses present. Based on these details, we can assess your case, provide initial legal advice and give you a quick response on how to proceed.

  • Paperwork: When you have provided your agreement to proceed with the claim on a no win, no fee basis, we will give you some funding and other paperwork to fill in regarding your claim (this can be completed electronically).

  • Claim initiation: As soon as you have provided your signed paperwork, we will generate the initial claim documentation to submit your claim, and contact your employer’s insurers on your behalf to notify them of your claim.


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