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    Once you contact us, you will speak with an extremely experienced personal injury solicitor.  Our personal injury solicitors will ask you for quite a lot of information during this initial consultation which will help them assess the prospects of succeeding in your claim.  Examples of relevant information may be:-

    • The location, time, and date of the accident
    • The accident circumstances
    • The nature of the injuries sustained
    • Details of any independent witnesses who may have witnessed your accident
    • Details of the negligent party (the defendant)

    If after speaking with you, we are happy to proceed with your claim on a “no win, no fee” basis, we will arrange for a representative of the firm to visit you at your home address to assist you with our initial paperwork.  Once we are in receipt of your signed documents, we shall proceed to contact the defendant and advise them of your claim.

    Depending upon the nature of your accident, the defendant has up to 5 months to investigate your claim and provide their decision on liability.

    Whilst awaiting the defendant’s liability decision, your personal injury solicitor will begin to gather the information needed to prove your case.  This could include taking witness statements from you and other parties involved in the accident, obtaining a relevant police report, and instructing a suitable medical expert to prepare a report on your accident related injuries.

    Once both parties have completed their investigations, there could be 3 different outcomes, as described below.

    • In some circumstances, the information gathered during the investigatory stage could lead to your personal injury solicitor reassessing the prospects of success in your claim and advising you that you no longer have a valid action.  This happens very rarely, but should it occur in your case, we will discuss the reasons for our decision with you.

    • The defendant may make an offer of compensation which all parties consider to be acceptable.  You must however realise that such proposals may only transpire after some negotiation.

    • In some circumstances, particularly where the defendant denies liability, does not convey their decision on liability, or does not make any reasonable offers, it may be necessary to commence formal court proceedings.  Just because we issue proceedings it does not mean that the matter will automatically proceed to a final hearing, as the case could still settle at any stage.  If however the matter does proceed to trial, you should not be concerned, as your solicitor will guide you every step of the way.

    Please note that should it become necessary for us to commence formal court proceedings, you will be required to assist your personal injury solicitor with a number of different tasks.  For example, you will be required to sign a number of court documents that your solicitor will prepare on your behalf and forward to you for checking and signing.  You may also be required to attend a final hearing, or in rare circumstances, an interim hearing.  Failure to cooperate with your solicitor at this crucial stage could have a detrimental effect on your case, and may result in the court imposing sanctions, such as striking your claim out.

    Make a Claim

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