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How much compensation for being knocked off my bicycle?

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Bicycle accidents are a very common type of road accident. As bicycles do not have the same protection as other vehicles, cyclists are one of the more vulnerable road users.

Bicycle accidents can be life-changing, especially if the injury has affected your mobility. Some accidents may have caused minor injuries; however, some injuries may be so severe that you may have to change your career as you may not be able to perform the duties the job requires anymore. In some cases, cyclists have been unfortunate enough to become involved in fatal accidents.

If you were injured in a cycling accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be wondering “how much compensation for being knocked off my bike?” Cycling accident compensation can help you cover the expenses and inconvenience brought on by the severe health concerns and pain and suffering.

It is difficult to determine the exact amount of compensation you could receive for your injuries at the outset of your claim as every case is unique. The information below shows a rough guide on how much you could expect to receive in compensation if you have been knocked off your bike by a car, or any other vehicle on the road.

If you would like to discuss making a cycling accident claim, get in touch with Beacon Law for free, no obligation legal advice.

Common injuries caused by cycling accidents

Cycling injuries can vary from minor damage, which may take weeks or months to recover from, to more severe long term damage, which will take longer to recover from, require surgery, or leave permanent damage. The most common types of cyclist injuries include: 

  • Bruises, scrapes and cuts, including deep gashes if the cyclist is thrown from the bike.  
  • Muscular issues such as strains and other soft tissue injuries 
  • Head Injuries, such as concussion and brain damage
  • Spinal Injuries
  • Neck Injuries
  • Joint dislocation
  • Fractures 

If you were injured in a cycling accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be liable to claim compensation. Get in touch with Beacon Law today to find out more about making a bicycle accident claim.

How much compensation for being knocked off my bicycle?

It is difficult to estimate the compensation amount you will be entitled to as every case is unique. Your compensation award will be split into general damages and special damages. Your special damages and general damages will be added together to find the total amount your compensation claim is worth.

How much compensation for being knocked off my bicycle? General Damages

General damages refer to the amount you will receive for your injury, i.e., your pain, suffering and loss of amenity. The figure is based on the type of injury sustained, the recovery time, and the severity and the impact that the injury has had on your life or will continue to have on your future.

Our valuation of your general damages will be based on recent case law, as well as guidelines set out by the Judicial College. These guidelines are used by all personal injury lawyers to assist in making a personal injury claim calculation. We will discuss our valuation of your injuries when we have obtained all the required medical evidence, before we make any attempts to settle you case with the Defendant.

How much compensation for being knocked off my bicycle? Special Damages

Special damages refer to any additional losses you sustained as a direct result of the accident. Your additional losses can include the following:

  • Loss of earnings if you required time off due to the accident.
  • Travel costs – for travel to and from medical appointments
  • Parking costs at medical appointments
  • Costs of any care received
  • Medical treatment costs and the costs of any medical care required as the result of the accident

You should ensure that you keep all receipts and invoices for your additional losses as these will be required to prove your loss.

Calculating your general damages

Calculating a valuation for personal injuries can be complex, especially if there are multiple injuries involved.

The guidelines below should give you some idea on how much your injuries could be worth:

Head, Brain and Senses Injuries

  • Brain Damage: From £12,210 to £322,060
  • Deafness or tinnitus: Up to £36,310
  • Epilepsy: From £8,480 to £119,650
  • Facial Injuries: From £870 to £36,310 depending on the type of injury
  • Changes to taste and smell: From 15,300 to £31,220
  • Eye and sight injuries: From £1,760 to £322,060
  • PTSD: From £3,150 to £80,250
  • Psychiatric Illnesses: From £1,220 to £92,240

Neck and Back Injuries

  • Back Injury: Up to 128,320
  • Neck Injury: Up to £118,240
  • Whiplash: From £300 to £6,290

Shoulder Injuries

  • Shoulder Injuries: Up to £38,280

Arm Injuries

  • Arm amputation: From £76,650 to £239,140
  • Hand Injury: Up to £160,600
  • Elbow Injury: Up to £43,710
  • Fractures and nerve damage to the arms: From £5,280 to £104,370
  • Hand arm vibration syndrome and vibration white finger: From £2,390 to £25,220
  • Upper limb disorders caused by work: From £1,760 to £18,440
  • Wrist Injuries: Up to £47,720

Pelvic and Hip Injuries

  • Injuries to the hips and pelvis: Up to £104,370 depending on the seriousness of the injury

Leg and Feet Injuries

  • Injuries to the Achilles tendon: From £5,800 to £30,630 depending on the severity of the injury
  • Ankle Injuries: Up to £55,560
  • Foot Injuries: Up to £160,600, more serious injuries, such as amputation of both feet will be at the higher end of the spectrum.
  • Knee Injuries: Up to £76,690 for the most severe knee injuries. Those which recover completely or have minimal long term symptoms will be worth up to £10,960
  • Leg Injuries: Up to £224,800 for severe injuries, such as amputation of both legs. Less severe injuries such as fractures or soft tissue injuries leaving no permanent issues will be worth up to £11,220
  • Toe Injuries: Up to £7,650 for toe injuries leaving no long term problems. Serious injuries and loss of toes will be worth between £7,650 and £44,710

Minor Injuries

  • Most minor injuries will be worth between £550 and £1,950. A minor injury is one which is fully recovered from within three months of the accident date.

Chronic Pain

  • Chronic pain disorders, such as complex regional pain syndrome will be valued between £16,800 and £66,970.


  • Injuries involving paralysis may be valued between £39,330 and £322,060

Internal Organ Injuries

  • Digestive System Injuries: Between £730 for minor symptoms and £49,350 for severe damage to the digestive system and toxicosis.
  • Kidney injuriesUp to £167,690. the injuries calculation for more severe damage or loss of both kidneys will be at the higher end of the spectrum.
  • Bladder injuries: Up to £146,840
  • Chest Injuries: Up to £119,650 for the most serious injuries to the chest, such as severe heart or lung damage. Muscle injuries and fractured ribs will be worth up to £3,150. Injuries from the inhalation of smoke or toxic fumes will be worth between £4,240 and £10,040
  • Spleen Injuries: Between £3,470 and £20,950
  • Lung diseases: Between £1,760 and £108,370
  • Hernia Injuries: Between £2,710 and £19,260
  • Female reproductive organs: Between £2,700 and£135,030
  • Male reproductive organs: Between £5,280 and £112,100
  • Disease caused by asbestos: Between £12,020 and £100,350
  • Asthma: Up to £52,390

Other Injuries

  • Scarring and burnsFrom £1,890 to £83,550

What to do if you have been knocked off your bicycle

If you suffered your injury due to any type of road traffic accident, stop at the scene of the accident and swap details with all parties, including their registration number and details of their insurance company. Ensure you obtain details of any witnesses to the accident as witness statements may be required to prove liability. 

You should seek appropriate medical attention from a GP or hospital as soon as possible. If your injury is severe, you should seek urgent attention at a hospital. 

We would advise that you keep receipts for any medical treatment you had had to pay to recover the expenses when you were making a claim. 

If you would like to make a claim for bicycle injury compensation, or if you would like to discuss the claims process with a personal injury solicitor, contact Beacon Law today using the contact forms on our website, or call us on 0330 1332 857. 

You should be aware that there is a strict time limit of 3 years from the accident date for making a personal injury claim. This period may be extended in special circumstances; however, we would advise that you start your cycling accident claim as early as possible to avoid your cycling claim becoming statute-barred. 

Why choose Beacon Law? 

Beacon Law is a leading personal injury law firm that offers a range of personal injury claim services to our clients, including bicycle accident claims. We provide a high level of service to all our clients and work hard to ensure they receive the appropriate treatment and highest level of compensation for their injuries. 

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