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Most of the claims which are dealt with by personal injury lawyers relate, as the name suggests, to cases of people being injured, usually in one-off accidents or over a longer period of time in the workplace. Some cases involve medical treatment but what they all have in common is the fact that the injury in question would not have happened if someone, somewhere, had not been negligent.

In many cases the identity of this negligent party will be pretty clear, the driver of a car which jumps a red light and hits you, for example, or the owner of a shop which failed to clear away the litter and loose wires over which you tripped and fell. In some cases, however, it may be more complex.

It may be that the incident which led to your injury doesn’t fall neatly within one of the more usual categories, i.e. road traffic accidents, slips trips and falls or accidents at work. It must always be remembered that the injury in question could be psychological as well as physical, an accident may have left you with panic attacks, distressing flashbacks and a loss of confidence. Amongst more unusual but no less justified claims which can be pursued are the following:

Medical negligence

Medical negligence or clinical negligence is represented by the failure of the medical practitioner to provide the correct standard of care required by his or her profession. Unfortunately, thousands of patients across the UK are victims of this type of negligence every year, sometimes suffering unrepairable consequences. There are many forms and types of medical malpractice and often patients have a hard time realising or acknowledging the fact that they have been the victims of such behaviour, not to mention the fact that many of them, although realising that fact, are at first reluctant to press charges or file medical negligence claims. Nonetheless, the persons or institutions responsible for your suffering or, even worse, your loss, must be held liable.

If you or a loved one have been misdiagnosed or mistreated in any way by a healthcare professional, suffering further injury or pain, then you are entitled to proper compensation, which we can help you get. Victims of medical malpractice or errors are, as mentioned above, sometimes reluctant to pressing charges, because the entire process can be overwhelming, but with our help the responsible persons will be held liable and you will be able to benefit from the correct compensation for your suffering, while enjoying all the necessary support and guidance.

Defective Products

If you buy a product which in some way leads to you being injured then you may be able to make a claim for compensation, and this area is covered by the Consumer Protection Act 1987. This can range from electrical goods which give you a shock, toys which contain sharp edges, power tools which malfunction and even foods which are contaminated. In all cases, if the injury was caused by the inadequacy of the product and not through your own misuse then there may well be grounds for a claim against the manufacturer, a retailer or a combination of the two.

School injuries

In the rough and tumble of every day school life it may well be taken for granted that children are going to suffer the occasional bump and scrape. Accidents happen but If your child is hurt because the school failed to provide a proper duty of care, then that’s a different matter and you’ve every right to seek compensation, not least because it will help to reassure your child that their school represents a safe environment.

Criminal Injury Claims

Criminal injury claims differ from other claims in that the money is usually claimed from the CICA (Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority), a government organisation created with the sole purpose of providing compensation for the victims of crime. It doesn’t matter if the perpetrator has never been caught or charged, or doesn’t have the funds to cover a compensation claim.

Animal attack claims

Being attacked and injured by an animal can be a terrifying experience and can often leave victims traumatised for years. As well as leaving painful scars, the psychological damage caused by a dog bite or other animal attack can last for years and leave victims scared to do things that the rest of us take for granted each day, such as going for a walk or in severe cases even leaving the house. If you or a member of your family have suffered an injury as a result of an animal attack in the last three years you may be entitled to compensation.

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Our solicitors are experienced in all types of personal injury claims and we have no doubt that we are in a position to help you.  Call us today or complete our claim form and we will call you back.

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