Forklift Truck Accidents

Injuries are commonly suffered in the workplace due to negligent use of forklift trucks.  Your employer is under a duty to implement a number of strict rules for the use of forklift trucks.

  • Your employer should ensure that forklift trucks are being used safely and sensibly at all times.
  • Proper training and effective supervision should be provided to forklift truck drivers.
  • Your employer should maintain the truck itself to ensure its safety.
  • Your employer should modify the gearing systems to ensure the forklift truck cannot drive too quickly.
  • Traffic routes should be kept clear at all times in order that the trucks can be safely operated.
  • Traffic routes for the forklift trucks should be marked clearly, so that pedestrians are aware of the risks.

Your employer may well put the above points into practice, but you can never be sure that the drivers of the trucks are also acting sensibly and safely at all times.  Do the forklift truck drivers at your place of work always look properly whilst driving?  Do the drivers drive around with the load blocking their view?  Do the drivers simply drive like formula 1 racing drivers?

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