Accidents in an occupied building

An occupier of premises must take reasonable care at all times to ensure the safety of visitors.  All occupiers must periodically assess the safety of their premises and identify any potential hazards which may need attention.

The law states that the occupier of premises is directly liable for the welfare of all visitors.  If an occupier is in breach of their duty of care, and an injury or affliction is sustained by a visitor as a result, then the visitor is entitled to claim for compensation.

Any party who permits individuals on to their premises is effected by the law, and it does not matter whether the property is classified as pblic or private.

If you have been injured on premises owned by another person, due to that occupier’s negligence or carelessness, then you might be entitled to make a personal injury claim.  Please call us today on 08000 886644 to see if we can help.